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Wednesday Table of Urania 18.7.18 “Chinese rule martial art movies”

They truly rule the world of martial art for those who are not very fond of blood and gore! But don’t mind some good martial art display. I have admired quite a few of these amazing artists, whose physical fitness is quite enviable.

Chow Yun Phat and Jackie Chan are my favorite. Then comes Jet Li and Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, Lucie Lieu… their list is never-ending. Even the guy who was in Bruce Willis movie “Red” was great!

I don’t know but there must be something in their genes! I love Van Damme’s martial art too but that is different. That will be only one in Hollywood from European origin! Whereas when it comes to Chinese origin one will joke their kids can shake their legs and fists better than adults of other countries!

Do you agree? Please open your heart!