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Agnijaat 9.1.17

Magh Agni twins will be published on 15.1.17 (Agnishatdal and Agnijaat), hope you have written something for Agnishatdal and they have reached me.

As you guys already know that the December/poush agnishatdal (lotus of fire) and agnijaat (fireborn) were published on 17.12.16, if you want to read them write to me in and but do give me a critique. Please!

The authors of Agnishatdal December/Poush were:


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Thursday Articles 5.1.17

Self Love of love for oneself is shunned by most religions, people often mistake it with selfishness, but is it really selfish and vain to love yourself? Or is it selfish when you love only yourself, vain when you think you are the only one worthy of being counted in this world or your group.

What is wrong if you love yourself and love others too, you believe that you deserve love and affection in return of the love and affection you are giving to others, if they don’t you don’t grumble or complain or throw a fit, you just move and start looking for those who will love you just the way you are in return of your love.

What is wrong if you are happy with your bland skin, bald head and crooked teeth, you just don’t care how you look! All that matters to you is what you have inside. You are not jealous of beautiful people, nor are you intimidated by their beauty. You appreciate their beauty but love your own defects.

What is wrong if you know you are a human being who stumbles and falls, and then you don’t feel smug about it, you feel sorry and try to stop it from happening again but you don’t curse yourself, call yourself names and don’t do that to others too when they stumble or fall, you only see if they try to stop that in future and that decides your relation with them.

In today’s world so full of impatience, haste and intolerance I believe everyone should love, forgive and accept oneself just the way one is and others if one wants to live a full, meaningful life.

Not everything that is applicable to others is applicable to everyone. Rules should change with situation.

The original post in : Thursday Scribblings 13.10.16

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Agnijaat 2.1.17

Another brand new year! Yay! Let’s start working on making it a good one, very good one for us and others too!

2016 is gone. It started quite fabulously for me, ended lousily. How we get spoiled by good things! Ha! Once you get habituated to good things it is hard to return to bad things I believe!

So, I am hoping that some very good things will show up in my life in this year, and will pray that the same happens to all of us. Happy New Year 2017!

As you guys already know that the December/poush agnishatdal (lotus of fire) and agnijaat (fireborn) were published on 17.12.16, if you want to read them write to me in and but do give me a critique. Please!

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Thursday Articles 29.12.16

Listening to elders, seniors is a lesson we have been taught from childhood, up to an age it is what we should do. That is what everyone says, wise or shrewd and they are right about that. When we are kids we really don’t have much idea about anything, and we often think that we know a lot, whereas we don’t, we just think that we do. So at that age it is good to blindly obey elders unless of course they are asking you to jump from a cliff. Then you should first ask why!

At that age, even if we meet an elder who is trying to manipulate us to do something wrong if it is not downright immoral s/he won’t be able to do much harm, we will be able to get over his/her damages in the later years. Not only that, children usually do not meet many potentially harmful adults either if they are brought up in a normal family. A kid’s life mostly includes his parents, family, teachers and family friends maybe… if the parents are cautious then big harms won’t come from them. If their parents are not cautious well, sooner or later they will end up in bigger troubles, the kids I mean. This continues till you leave school. In the later years of school you will be able to identify those adults who are trying to manipulate you or misguide you.

That is the time you should start assessing the effects of the acts before following their guidelines blindly, after mid-teens it is wise to be a little judgmental when it comes to long-term things like your career or other serious issues. Because by that time you will discover that not all human beings are benevolent, irrespective of their age or their relation to you. If you blindly follow them you are doomed. So be a bit judgmental when you are growing up.

When you are in your youth, you have already joined the grown up gang, so, listen to elders, and by this time you will be able to differentiate between good and bad, the bitter pill and sweet poison, if not will learn after swallowing a few!

Original post in Thursday Scribblings 6.10.16

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Agnijaat 26.12.16


Yesterday was Christmas day in India, in Western countries it is still Christmas, so Merry Christmas guys! Wish you a blessed time ahead!

Believe it or not, Indians too celebrate it merrily, only Christians follow the religious ways but rest of the folks eat cake, throw and attend parties etc. If you take a stroll in some of the streets in Kolkata during Christmas season you may be surprised to see the decorations and celebrations.

Christmas brings the message of year end too, reminds us another year is about to show up, one is packing up the very final threads.

Hope we all will see a wonderful 2017.

Yesterday was also the birthday of our sweet, child prodigy Diva or Hemdiva Dev. The author of brilliant book for children- “Chinky Pinky the birdy adventure”. A little celebration was done for her in Agnishatdal. You can check it out. It’s still there! Let us wish this lovely little girl a very happy birthday and life!

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Thursday Articles 22.12.16

“Hindu men should give birth to more Hindus to save the religion.” Said a **** to …well whoever was cursed enough to hear!

Honestly!! Can you believe a man can utter those words? I don’t think he was a man, he must have been a virus, because only they suggest that method of breeding to prove their superiority or control over something.

Maybe, you should respect and allow the harijans (so called low castes) equal place as other castes so that they don’t convert to Islam or Christianity?

There are enough Hindus, and if you improve Hinduism as a religion and in place of shoving it down the gullets of believers try to impress them by its magnificence the religion will strengthen itself, if you try to drag people back to stone age in name of religion they will revolt, like they did before.

So, first try to add some gray matter to your brain before opening the doors of the cave too wide.

Original post in : Thursday Scribblings 29.9.16

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Troy ( talking about November, Agrahayan Agnijaat.


Here’s the review for Agnijaat Agrahayan! (if you want a copy write to me

This issue for the month of Agrahayan opens with…

…the Kalipuja Foursome, a quartet of celebrations including:

Dhanteras, or Dhan Trayodashi, in which Lord Kuvera and Goddess Lakshmi, the Lord and Goddess of Wealth are honored. Given India’s historical past, this comes as little surprise, but that’s not all!

There’s also Bhootchaturdashi, a night in which ghosts both benign and malignant wander the Earth to clear the way for Mother Goddess Kali in her purging of evil. Also known as Indian Halloween, the similarity with Halloween in the West is remarkable, though also strikingly different in its significance and means of celebration. I’ll add that the leafy veggies eaten this night are probably much more healthful than copious mass-produced bags of sweets as done in the West!

The next in line is Kalipuja, the actual worship of Mother Goddess Kali, and sometimes, Dipawali as well, though otherwise that happens the next night, which celebrates Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya from exile. I was struck by the means of celebrating the latter, and I imagine that the display of lights and crackers this night must be dazzling!

Then, there is: Razia Sultana

Whose time as Empress of India was, I think cut far too short given her evident ability as a ruler. Truly an iconic figure for women’s liberation, and a remarkable leader.

Myriad ways of hackers: Here is something that will really make you wary! I’ve heard that there are only two kinds of computers: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.There’s good advice here to consider when wandering about online!

Gangajamuni Culture: describes the blending of cultures that’s bound to happen in a region as diverse as India, and certainly there has been a cross-pollination of ideas between religions on the subcontinent since the very beginning. Here, there is a hopeful note for the same sort of thing in our species’ not-too-distant future.

Nature @Kolkata in Agrahayan: Mmmm! Now this is something I must look for in local Bengali markets here in the States! Here is a yummy description of three sweets, Sandesh, Rasogolla, and Moa, seasonal, of course but very tempting to try if they can be found at the right time of year!

Sin of father: All too often I hear people invoke this as an excuse for scapegoating, victim-blaming, and retributive *ahem* ‘justice’ in most criminal legal systems, depending on the level of callous disregard for others involved. It’s not a stretch here to say that silence conveys assent.

Bhaktivad or Bhakti movement: Fascinating that this development in Indian religion, returning first in South India, has become so popular, but understandably so! There are many ways to worship, all of them speak to our humanity, and they are often shared by religions around the world. I’m reminded of the late George Harrison of the Beatles, and his devotion to Lord Krishna.

I loved the stories, but Treacherous Sands was particularly notable, and as an excerpt from a new novel, I eagerly await adding it to my collection! It sounds scary, and worth writing a full review on!

Chhathpuja: this one is a tale of the worship of Lord Surya and Goddess Usha by an ancient king seeking a son to inherit his kingdom. It’s brief, but there’s a lot in it for the words in which it is written!

I liked both of the stories from the authoress’ collection, Spirits of Darkness and Night. The Town of the Doomed stood out as downright dark!

For the verses, Rukminiharan: Kidnapping Rukmini was a nice take on a mythological tale of romance, with some very upset greedy suitors, too!

The image-verses I rather enjoyed, with The Painter being my favorite, as I rather loathe ‘debates’ about religious topics in person, and try to avoid them online as well.

‘Are we welcome’ stood out as another good one, brief, but very cosmic in perspective!

Shots from Kolkata, at the very end, is a wonderful collection of photos, showing the authoress’s artistic side (like the verse-images and throughout this issue) quite nicely with interesting shifts of focus and use of lighting.

I rather enjoyed this one, and I await its return in the month of Poush!

Love, and deep regards,

Troy David Loy

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Wrote something for Magh (January) Agnishatdal?

Did you write something for the next issue of Agnishatdal? The Magh or January 2017 Issue, which will be published on 15th January, don’t wait! Send them to me ASAP! TODAY WILL BE GREAT!

Send them to and MUST SEND A COPY to If you start to feel that I did not received them, PLEASE ASK ME, HERE AND IN THE MAILS TOO. We all know how reliable emails are.

Here are the authors who joined the Agnishatdal Poush/ December Issue


Will love to see your name with them!

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poush (december) agnishatdal authors for you.


Grab your issues from :

I guess you guys already know that the issues upto Ashwin, September is now available in Amazon, selected parts, as ebooks.

The next quarterlies will be out in January 2017.

Also Know that Poush, decemberIssue was published on 17th december

The authors of the 17th december, poush issue are: jain/

Now the repeat telecast, if you want a copy of the ezine(s) mail me, in and send a copy to, I will send you a copy (ies) if you promise me a review/critique.

You can do me a big time favour by posting that in your blog, that will be so cool! Or simply in the page of the concerned Ezine-

If you want to make me happier by buying the first quarterly:




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Poush (December) Agnijaat and Agnishatdal are out!


Poush Agnishatdal and Agnijaat were published on 17.12.16.

If you want a copy of the Ezine(s) in pdf format, write to me, it costs 1$, but I can gift them to you every month, all I will ask in return is critiques for every issue, in your blog or mine! Plus you will have to email me a copy of the critique too, so that I can include it in the next month’s issue, your critique will have to be submitted by the month-end.

Agnishatdal and Agnijaat First Quarterly is in Amazon,



The quarterlies will follow this pattern:

October = July+August+september (selected works)
January = October+November+December (selected works)
April = January+February+March (selected works)
July = April+May+June (selected works)

If you are interested in advertising write to me, or if you want to read/buy the books- and send a copy to (Must)

Authors of Poush, 17th December Issue: