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the heart beats on 2020 in Kindle

The heart beats on

It is a collection of poems of various taste. The poems of this book were written in 2015, when I was in Hyderabad. So the contents of this book has been edited only. I plan to keep most of the poems of this book, even in coming years, as a memory of that awesome time I passed in Hyderabad. Some memories should be cherished! Those months in Hyderabad is one of those memories to me!

The poems in this book reflect my mood of that time. Hope they will touch you!

They are versatile, as all other collections of mine. You will get many hues of life within these jackets. The general mood of this book I believe is happy things, real or fantastical. You know I can’t stay away from fantastical creatures and nature!

Do drop a line after reading them please!