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Meet Toni Williams Agnijaat’s Editor!

Meet Agnijaat’s editor Toni Williams, it was a surprise beyond words when he (almost gave me a heart attack) offered me that he will love to edit Agnijaat for me EVERY MONTH!

You know, it is very tough to see your own fault, especially in writings, I write on impulse and often discover my faults later, sometimes quite late! So having a pair of expert eyes watching over my dream project is beyond my sweetest expectations.

So Sharmishtha Basu with great joy presents Toni Williams editor of Dazzle ( a local magazine featuring young, successful entrepreneurs and their life experiences and achievements. He is a Reuters Fellow (Green Templeton College, Oxford). Who has blessed Agnijaat by becoming her editor.

He is also a published author, a book I am reading at present, a fantastic story for those who love mystery and new places. His description of the imaginary island is fantastic.

The name of his book is:
Between two Fires:


You will find it here:
Amazon India :

Amazon US*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Barnes& Nobel
Good reads

Toni Williams:



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Shubho Bijoya!


I KNOW what you are thinking! This was supposed to come up on 11th, not today, ahem! sorry! Was loitering around, having some fun, enjoying myself, giving my brain a little rest.

Heh heh… I have been blogging in during the durgapuja, mostly because I knew there wont be any readers there, so I will just sneak in, post, read the works of others and run away!

So, you will see these greetings there on due dates, with stories during durgapuja too!

Here, I sheepishly offer you my bijoya greetings on laxmipuja!

May you always be blessed my dear friends.


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Shubho Laxmipuja!


North India will celebrate Laxmipuja on Dipawali, when we Bengalis will be worshipping Mother Goddess Kali, we Bengalis worship Mother Goddess Laxmi today, the first full moon after Durgapuja, it is called Kojagari Laxmipuja, the moon is brightest on this night.

believe me, this full moon is a sight to eyes away from the light of big cities, to be precise in some small village where you can see darkness in its actual form.

Wish you all the blessings of the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, peace and good luck (and Mother of mine, spend aplenty this way too)!

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Want me to write guest posts for your site/blog?

TRhymes 4.8.16

Write to me in and send a copy to, please! Because I am not very comfortable with gmail’s performance but use it because a lot of things don’t work well in Hotmail.

I am open to both- paid and unpaid, but before you do write that mail let me tell you a few things-

1. I don’t travel at all so no travel blogging for me.

2. I am a perfect nightmare and laughing stock of fashion conscious people and I like that because I will rather be what I am than a mannequin without a soul who thinks polishing her body makes her a goddess and others puny little laughing stock. So no beauty tips from me!

3. I am tech blind- so no tech posts from this woman!

4. I am almost allergic to blood, gore, violence, porn, excessive animal urges so… no gothic, porn etc. for this writer.

What I love to write about?

Nature in its all beauty- good, bad and ugly.

Human beings in their all colours- from sweet to monstrous.

I am a bit preachy, but not on religion, on making us a better human beings by real, followable examples, lessons.

I love to lift spirits of others but again, rationally.

I love to illustrate using my own photographs and Microsoft paintbrush, once in a millennium paint palette and actual brushes.

I love writing stories, poems and articles.

If you have an offer for me what are you waiting for?

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At present I am a proud part of

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Agnishatdal the Ezine:

At present I cant pay you anything money-wise but will try to share the glory of Agnishatdal (the Ezine) with all its creators. You can check out the blog for further ideas, rules and things like that.

Indie Adda the open platform for Indie bloggers:

I am planning to start a guest author section in Indie Adda ( in September, depending on the contents I get, if they are satisfactory enough!

This again will be for free (money-wise) at present but I will try to spread your name for sure. So if you have something you want to say to Indie writers, self published writers send me and ALWAYS COPYRIGHT YOUR WORKS BEFORE SENDING THEM TO ME (OR ANYONE) – EVERY CREATIVE ARTIST SHOULD BE WARY OF HACKERS, PLAGIARISTS!

If you want to check out my writing skills:

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no matter how much…

No matter how much
you cuddle or kiss a snake,
offer him bowls of creamy milk
he will bite you if
you make him afraid
or he feels like it!
Ah he is but a reptile,
without any moral teachings
what will you call those human beings,
who after learning all these lessons
act just like him?
We call them ambitious,
we call them power hungry,
we call them abused,
we call the scared,
but we almost never call them
what they are,
or ungrateful wretches
who take advantage of affection,
or trust and then
make benefactors regret
that they did not used the stick!


Love and hugs.

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a sore loser indeed…

Once a pair of sparrows
saw a monkey sitting by,
shivering in pouring rain
as wind and drops lashed him
from side to side.
The male spoke first,
being a kind soul he said,
“Oh monkey! you should my dear,
build a shelter for yourself!”
the monkey grimaced and ignored him.
Next it was the female’s turn,
being the sweet one she softly said,
“Oh dear! look at you shivering,
if only you had …”
The monkey pounced upon their nest
and ripped it to pieces.
This is what happens if you
try to help everyone around you,
not everyone is meant for help,
not everyone understands generosity,
some mock, some taunt and some bite
the hand that feeds!

Have a great day!

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To buy agnijaat (Fire born) the ezine

Agnijaat - A Monthly Ezine by Sharmishtha Basu

Well, my friends know I don’t have a bank account, yups, I don’t have one, therefore I don’t have a PAN number either, so my attempt of creating a fruitful paypal account failed miserably.

But that is hopefully a minor hiccup! I have one offer for you, which you may thoroughly enjoy, from 25.6.16 to 17th July if you want to buy an issue of agnijaat you will have to do one thing-

The cost of the ezine is 1$ and I have a huge amount of books in amazon, pick up any book that catches your fancy from here:

and then buy it, I will deduct 1$ as the token price of the book (irrespective of the book you choose) and the rest of the price will be equivalent of issues of Agnijaat you will get, that is if you select a book of 4$ you will get…

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Buy one get one for free…

Agnijaat - A Monthly Ezine by Sharmishtha Basu

As I am heckling you a bit about buying Agnishatdal and Agnijaat (check out the thorns here):

Here is a little compensatory gift for you, check out my books here:,

pick up the book you want to buy and another book, send me the receipt for the first one, and the name of the second one so I can send you copies of Agnijaat and the second book as gift.

Hope it is a fair deal 🙂


17 agnijaat

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A little gift for you from Agnijaat

Agnijaat - A Monthly Ezine by Sharmishtha Basu

Check out the list of Sharmishtha Basu’s books here:

pick up the one you want to have, write an email to her (using your preferred email id) in and PLEASE send a copy to, naming the book.

that book will reach you as a gift (ebook only).

don’t forget to bless us, the twins and our mommy too, it is her birthday that we share!


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