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Wednesday Table of Urania 15.8.18 Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is “one” actor! There are no words to explain this actor’s amazing acting skills, they are just made for watching! I have never seen someone so cool! He is one hell of an actor! I have watched him in at least half a dozen mind-blowing roles. Some favorites are “Usual Suspects” and “L.A. Confidential”.

Morgan Freeman is the only actor who plays God without raising eyebrows I think! He is cool as cucumber in “Evan Allmighty”. When he sat on that block of woods claiming that he was God!

I love Freeman as an actor, but I love him more for the goodness that oozes through his personality like James Stewart… Even though he plays villains quite well too! If you have not seen him as villain check out “Catch me if you can”.

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Wednesday Table of Urania 8.8.18 Lily Collins

She I think is another good actress in making like Emma Watson. I have seen Lily Collins in quite versatile roles and have loved her in all of them. On one hand she plays the eccentric teenager with super-powers in “City of Bones” {I really wanted to see at least two or three more parts of this movie] and on the other hand she played an amazing Snow White in “Mirror Mirror”. It takes a LOT for a young actress to act along Julia Roberts and catch attention.

As for me, even though I absolutely adore Jules I will say that Lily Collins stole “mirror mirror” she is one awesome actress and she so beautifully fitted into the role of the golden hearted princess!

My prayers will always be with this brilliant actress, praying that she will get awesome roles like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren!

Have you watched any of her movies? Like her?

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Wednesday Table of Urania 1.8.18 James Stewart

James Stewart is one of those actors who will instantly capture your heart and keep it! The goodness that oozes through his every pore forces everyone to love him I think! I have always loved him in Hitchcock movies but I first started absolutely loving him after watching him in “Harvey”. Have you watched this movie? If you have not watch it! It is one movie you should watch if you love good movies.

He so amazingly fitted in the role of that sweet, innocent, gullible man! Then I re-watched all the Hitchcock movies and luckily got my hands on “It’s a wonderful life” and now I know I will adore this actor till the last breath!

Have you seen his movies?

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Wednesday Table of Urania 25.7.18 Radcliffe, Emma, Pattinson and Redmayne

Harry Potter saga has gifted us with some awesome actors! Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson and now Eddie Redmayne; OK I know Pattinson and Redmayne made their place outside the saga first (or so I think I know). So forget the wrong phrasing, read it as Harry Potter saga collected some gems for us.

Daniel Radcliff is one hell of an actor! He is one outstanding actor. I so hope and pray he will get a series of awesome movies and leave an indelible mark in movie world.

Robert Pattinson has already made his mark in Twillight Saga, even though I am not a big fan of that saga anymore it is too bizarre but still he shone through it! I have liked him more in Harry Potter even though his role was very small he conquered the audience hearts.

Emma Watson is fantastic in Harry Potter, she wins hearts whenever she shows up in black gown! Outside it I have seen her in two movies, one was in a really annoying script the other was awesome- she just became “belle” in beauty and the beast! She has every potential to shine and hope she will!

Eddie Redmayne in one word is awesome! I have rarely come across someone who is so adorable! Two minutes watching him on screen and your heart will fill of with warmth and affection. He is already an acclaimed actor and I so hope and wish he will glow like a sun!

Ya like em? Tell me! Don’t hide!

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Wednesday Table of Urania 18.7.18 “Chinese rule martial art movies”

They truly rule the world of martial art for those who are not very fond of blood and gore! But don’t mind some good martial art display. I have admired quite a few of these amazing artists, whose physical fitness is quite enviable.

Chow Yun Phat and Jackie Chan are my favorite. Then comes Jet Li and Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, Lucie Lieu… their list is never-ending. Even the guy who was in Bruce Willis movie “Red” was great!

I don’t know but there must be something in their genes! I love Van Damme’s martial art too but that is different. That will be only one in Hollywood from European origin! Whereas when it comes to Chinese origin one will joke their kids can shake their legs and fists better than adults of other countries!

Do you agree? Please open your heart!

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Wednesday Table of Urania 11.7.18 Alfred Hitchcock

He is the indisputable king of mystery and suspense! He never needed blood, gore to shock his audience. Don’t forget most of his movies were black and white! So… chuck the shower scene of psycho!

I have watched so many movies by this awesome artist and then as caviar I stumbled upon a series directed by him, of small suspense stories. After watching him in person made me a greater admirer of him!

He is so cool and funny!

Do you like his movies? Tell me!

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Wednesday Table of Urania 4.7.18 Arnie and Stallone

I watched Arnie’s movies years after watching a string of Stallone movies. I quite admired Stallone as a kid, not because of his Rocky or Rambo movies but because of some tender movies he has gifted us outside his blockbuster movies.

I did not liked his acting though, still don’t, but after reading about his terrible physical condition which prevents him from talking properly I started respecting his courage!

As for Arnie he too is a horrible actor but he has given us some very entertaining movies, courtesy goes to his delivery of funny quips not punches. Punches are nice too, but his funny quips are more fun.

I like quite a handful of Arnie’s movies, like predator, true lies…

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Wednesday Table of Urania 27.6.18 Ingrid Bergman

Can you like someone by watching only one movie of that actor/actress? Well I started adoring Ingrid Bergman after watching notorious. She is most probably the most beautiful actress of Hollywood. So refined and beautiful!

I have watched notorious two or three times and have still maintained my love for Grant and Bergman. Recently I had chance of watching some more movies of these two actors and I have discovered my taste has not changed. Ingrid Bergman is not only beautiful she is a great actress too!

I really hope I will be able to grab a few more movies. One of the movies I recently watched was “indiscreet” it is a long, romantic movie but you won’t regret watching it. I don’t like romantic movies much but I enjoyed this one!

Share your views puhleez!

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Wednesday Table of Urania 20.6.18 Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is unanimous to acting in my dictionary. In my avid movie-watching life I have not seen another actress who can so easily act in such diverse roles! Like “Roman holiday” and “My fair lady”. Honestly! It takes a lot to make an Audrey Hepburn! After creating her God must have destroyed the tools so that no one can create a copy!

I have watched My fair Lady so many times, and she always makes me laugh and wonder how can someone act so brilliantly! Had I not seen her in a few other movies acting like a normal modern day woman I might have thought that accent is something she was born and brought up with! But fortunately I have watched her in movies like “Wait until dark” or “charade” where she acts just like you and me.

She is one of the brightest stars in the crown of acting God or Goddess!

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Wednesday Table of Urania 13.6.18 Cary Grant and Gregory Peck

I have absolutely loved Cary Grant ever since I watched “notorious” as a child, I think I was fourteen or fifteen years old when I watched it first time. He is so handsome! So handsome! I started watching Gregory Peck mistaking him as Cary Grant, now they look quite similar! Don’t try to poke fun at me.

Anyways, as very few Cary Grant movies are available I soon became a big admirer of Gregory Peck, he has given us so many amazing movies. Two being my all-time favouriets “The omen” and “To kill a mockingbird”; very recently I had the chance of watching few of Cary Grant movies and rediscovered how handsome he is and a very refined person. He is one of those persons like James Stewart you can’t help but like!

Hope I will be able to dig out more of his movies in internet and enjoy this amazing artist’s works.

You like them? Share your views please!