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Wildflowers in bed of rocks 2020 in Kindle

Wildflowers in bed of rocks

To every heart that smiles in storms. To every flower that teaches us to smile in adversity and privileged conditions! Tells us as they smile sitting in thorns, deserts and gentle gardens – Smile and you will spread light all around you, no matter how bleak your surrounding is!

Salutes to those who smile no matter where they are.

Human world is equally inhospitable to light, happy spirits I believe. It takes a lot to smile ignoring desert of unfair harshness of life, thorns of envy, everyone can smile in right environment but many chose not so smiling in right environment is an achievement too!

Hope we remember how fickle life is and use that as reminder to smile as long as it is possible!

This book contains a set of poems about nature, fantastical creatures, human beings and the world they create! Quite versatile when it comes to mood I mean! You know, explaining poetry is a dicey game, so check them out and see what you can gather from them.

Do drop a line after reading them please!