The first Quarterly in Amazon:

The first Issue of the Ezine:

Click to access agnijaat-shravan-1423-4-blog.pdf

A rough sketch of the magazine:

When you have too much energy you often spend it without much planning, like I have done for last seven years, while blogging through my more than a dozen blogs.

Then Johnny ( offered me a brand new role, to write for a site he is editor of, unfortunately it did not worked out because I felt they were biased against Muslims, now, being an Indian where Muslims have quite peacefully existed with dozens of other religions I just cant swallow the idea that modern world is trying to shove down our gullet, that Islam is all about hating other religions. Sorry! So I instantly parted my way with that site.

Then Johnny offered me a truly tempting role, work for his ezine, aculturebent I eagerly grabbed it but he is hibernating with the idea, so, with my biological clock ticking and Musie jumping like a kid on trampoline I decided to try my own path, I created Agnishatdal and had to create Agnijaat because Agnishatdal is absolutely pampered by my creative friends.

So you will see “me” mostly in Agnijaat and my friends and their works in “Agnishatdal” I decided to keep them both slim and trim, as Raghu ( suggested, too big size often makes the creator slip on quality and details!

So if you want to write for me check out for the formalities and join me there.

If you want Agnijaat’s issues, or want to place your advertisement write to me- and/or

Agnijaat’s facebook page is-

its group

Don’t know why but facebook did not approved the names agnishatdal or agnijaat 😦 but patly accepted sharmishthabasu, lucky me!


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