Sharmishtha Basu

Sharmishtha Basu is just another human being like you. Her life just like yours is full of turmoil, tugs and pulls. She has seen life up close and her creativity has saved her sanity and soul!

She proudly calls herself a small town girl, she took birth in a very tiny town near famous Agra, then she touched many a cities and towns of U.P., Bihar, Haryana and Delhi before landing in Burdwan, West Bengal the town from which her ancestral family hailed. It’s been years since she has walked away from her family and Burdwan and is living in Kolkata but she still calls herself a small town woman! Because when it comes to heritage (with its good, bad and ugly sides) it’s the small town folks that keep it alive. She is quite proud of her heritage even though she is not very fond of the people that come with it, without least guilt!

She is an Indie author, who is lucky enough to get published by justfiction-edition. She is also creator editor of her own Ezines Agnijaat and Agnishatdal, both are English but talk a lot about India, Bengal that is why their names are Sanskrit.

Her favorite pastimes are watching movies, listening to music and enjoy whatever small doses of nature tinsel town Kolkata offers. Even if it is her balcony garden or birds singing from telegraph lines! Hoping one day she will be able to get away from this city for good and live near ocean, wake to ocean’s song and go to sleep listening to its lullaby.

Her passions are writing and painting (using mouse and stylus). She can’t imagine living without them! It is hilarious to think that she wrote her first piece in 2008 or 2009, and the digital paintings followed the writing. Even though she has tried traditional paintings since she could hold the pencil and draw lines on walls and floors! They were sloppy! It is funny to think that she discovered her true creativity through computer!

Her bookstores and other stores:

She runs one too many blogs. They are listed below along with her other social media mumbo-jumbos for you:

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Don’t be overwhelmed, check them out, maybe you will enjoy them like she enjoys tinkering with them!



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