Thursday Articles 23.2.17

We human beings have a tendency to let things of past and probable future ruin our present, with or without reason.

Things that went wrong in past keep hovering in our mind for too long, ruining the joys, we brood over things that went wrong in past, the question is can we actually allow them not to? Some people are worriers by nature, they just cant stop themselves from brooding, fretting over things that has happened and are about to happen.

They are not one of those lucky persons who can sing “que sera sera” that is, “What will be will be” from heart or “let bygones be bygones”, they are fixated on “Whys and Hows”.

Can we consciously change this mindset? Then how? I have tried changing mine for years, quite sincerely, if not devotedly but have not been very successful, but we can divert our mind, that also works. At least works for me, it turns the night into cloudy day if not full of sunshine.

Have you ever battled with this human tendency? Did you win?

A little gift for you Agnishatdal Kartik (October) pdf file.

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agnijaat book 2

agnishatdal book 2

Kartik, October Agnijaat’s pdf file for you!

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Kartik/October agnijaat:

agnijaat book 2

agnishatdal book 2

Agnijaat 20.2.17


The Falgun, February Issue of Agnijaat and Agnishatdal were published on 13th February, 1st Falgun. They are available as pdf files in my computer, write to me if you want to read them and critique them.

The authors of Falgun Agnishatdal (the lotus of fire), Ferbaruy Issue are [(I know you guys already know that Agnijaat-fireborn, is a solo venture, I write all works (English) and Tony Williams edits them for the quarterlies)]:
The authors of Falgun Agnishatdal, 13th February Issue:

1. Carolyn Page.
2. Dominic Collucci
3. Swati Sarangi
4. Sakhi Bansal
5. Troy David Loy
6. Aayush Maurya
7. Harshita Jain
8. Toni Williams
9. Raghunandan Kuppuswamy
10. Freya Pickard
11. Sharmishtha Basu

As you guys already know that the Magh agnishatdal (lotus of fire) and agnijaat (fireborn) were published on 15.1.17, if you want to read them write to me in and but do give me a critique. Please! Help the struggling Ezine, that is trying to get a foot-hold in this crazy, crazy world!

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Thursday Articles 16.2.17

People should always pick up their own friends, lovers and spouses-why? Because if you test a person yourself chances of your fitting in with that person are far higher.

We all do it, mingle with the friends of our friend, or siblings and mostly after some time we discover that it was not that good an idea. Sometimes we end up regretting it, especially if our relationship with the person who introduced us to that group is ruined, we often discover that his/her friends quite naturally are more loyal towards him/her; or worse, we discover through his/her friends that s/he was not what we thought s/he was! That is a different issue, but in the end, it is always better to spend your time with those who you have decided to make a part of your life, share your time with.

Even your best friend’s friends may not be of your league, or they may get jealous of the special bond you share with your friend and try to ruin it. That too happens very often!