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Agnijashatadalama (fireborn lotus) the monthly, English newsletter for you!

It will start its journey on 1st day of Bengali New Year, 15th April 2018 if you want it send me a mail (sermistabasu@gmail.com) or leave your email id here, in the comments section, whichever you prefer.

It is free.

it is in English.

Very small in size (in case you are intimidated by my huge Ezines)

It will contain spoilers from the Ezines and my other books. Hope you will enjoy them!

This one will follow English Calendar.

I will keep the email ids for permanent, if you want your name off you will have to again write to me and tell me you want your name to be removed from the email list!

have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

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Agnimalya July 2019 in patreon for my patrons

Agnimalya July 2019

Hope you are enjoying the stories, do let me know if you want something in particular. I will try!

This month Agnimalya contains few stories- This month’s stories are all dark, hope you will enjoy them anyways! The world is so full of wicked people who play with innocent lives that it is sometimes good to remind them that there is a superior power in the earth, they may think that God does not takes notes, people like me believe She does!

As you all know these are my creations, copyrighted works, you are free to use them as long as you treat them as my property-mention my name as the creator and leave a link to my blog and inform me with the details of your use (non-profit) or discuss the financial side if you like them enough to publish them in your ezine, blog etc to sell. Just let me know!
Happy Reading!
With best regards and wishes.
Sharmishtha Basu
You can buy my book(s) from here too : https://Shoptly.com/sharmishthabasu

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Agnishatdal Shraban, July 2019 in shoptly, gumroad

Agnishatdal Shraban 1426, July 2019

Agnishatdal Shraban 1426, July 2019

Authors of Agnishatdal : Shraban 1426

Agnishatdal is an English monthly Ezine blessed with selfless affection of its creative group, these selfless authors, artists have shared their wonderful creation for free and no matter how much I try to thank them for this gift, it will be nothing! Here they are (No order please, just the names as they appeared in mind) :

Brieuc Martin Onraet https://equinoxio21.wordpress.com
Dominic Collucci: http://zen-inspirations.blogspot.com/
Raghunandan Kuppuswamy https://ksriranga.wordpress.com
Troy David Loy http://troythulu.net
Pat Ritter http://www.patritter.com.au
Freya Pickard: https://purehaiku.wordpress.com
Robert Sherriff: http://www.robert-sherriff.com/
Citizen Null
Bitter Pill
Sharmishtha Basu

Agnishatdal Ashar brings stories serious and fun, poem, beautiful artworks, essays about world, India, Bengal, and cartoons & more.

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Agnijaat 22.7.19

Shraban Issues were be published on 18th July 2019. Bhadra issues will be published on 19th August.

Agnijaat Boisakh 1425, April 2019

Agnishatdal Boisakh 1425, April 2019

3rd Annual digests of the Ezines were published on 17th July. Thanks for making this happen!

9th Quarterlies of the twins were published on Tagore birthday, 7th May.

8th Quarterlies of the twins were published on Saraswatipuja, 10th February.

Agnijaat Book 8, Saraswatipuja 1425

Agnishatdal Book 8, Saraswatipuja 1425

The links for rest of the books:

You can buy/get these books by becoming my patrons in patreon:


or the fresh issues from


or if these two don’t work out for you can pay me via paypal and get the pdf files directly.

You will get the fresh list of my books in my shoptly bookstore here:

When you use paypal remember one thing- SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ID AND BOOKLIST in the comment that I am almost sure paypal allows you to add with your payment, if I am wrong, even then send me your email id and booklist (with payment details) in my email : sermistabasu@gmail.com.

The books will be uploaded in shoptly and patreon every month (at the max by 25th of English calendar), you will be able to download them from both sites directly.

Authors and Artists of Agnishatdal (Agnijaat is my solo venture you all know that):

Brieuc Martin Onraet https://equinoxio21.wordpress.com
Dominic Collucci: https://zendom777.wixsite.com/mysite-2
Raghunandan Kuppuswamy https://ksriranga.wordpress.com
Troy David Loy http://troythulu.net 
Pat Ritter http://www.patritter.com.au
Juliette Roques: https://helsinkibudapest.wordpress.com
Freya Pickard: https://purehaiku.wordpress.com
Robert Sherriff: http://www.robert-sherriff.com/
Lisa Ojanpera
Citizen Null
Bitter Pill
Sharmishtha Basu

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SBPnB june 2019- a piece

Sharmishtha Basu’s Pen n Brush- SBPnB June 2019

“The stalking”

He watched her entering the alley. He followed. The alley was dark, very dark. The lines of warehouses on both sides made it look like a haunted place.

“What’s wrong with her? People don’t enter this alley even during day time!” he muttered, his own voice sounded eerie in the silence. The only sound was his breathing, his footsteps and her heels clicking at a distance.

He has been showering her with attention for months now. Things have gone too far! No matter how hard he tried she just brushed him off. She was cold and heartless.

“I wonder if she knows she is being pursued!” he thought with an evil satisfaction. He’s got the chance tonight to get what he has been aching for.

He could see her at a distance. She turned looked back, he felt right at him- and then entered one of the buildings. He was careful enough to take the cover of the shadows during the entire pursuit. But somehow he had a feeling that she was playing with him. This was her way of showing her interest in him, or else…get him bashed up by her lover!

He quickly reached the gate. It was an old building; strange thing was there was no light inside the house.

He stepped inside, his entire body tingling with excitement. It must be her secret meeting place with her lovers!

No one will come here to check out on anyone, boy it looked like graveyard!

The door squeaked close behind him, giving him a violent start.

He heard a voice in that pitch darkness, it sounded like a wolf trying to speak human words, “Is this the dinner that has been stalking you for months sister?”