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Agnimalya is a book of stories, some old stories and mostly new stories are included in it. The mood depends on the stories included- that is- they are unpredictable! I try to make them as versatile as possible and sometimes throw in some flash-fictions lavishly illustrated for you!

You will have to check out a few copies to get the feel. But just as I said I try to add all genres but not in the same copy, and I don’t really stick to one genre in one book mostly, maybe I will in future, but not at present. Most probably you will enjoy a dose of love in the February Issue or Durgapuja in autumn….

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Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Book 5 in on Saraswatipuja

5th Quarterlies of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat in Payhip

Agnishatdal and Agnijaat’s Book 5 are about to get published on Saraswatipuja, 22nd January. They will be available in Payhip this time, hopefully regularly. Payhip will give me full independence on designing the books, that is a big joy for someone like me.

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Quarterlies and Annual Digests in Amazon:

Book 1
Agnijaat Book 1 (1423)

Agnishatdal Book 1 (1423)

Book 2
agnijaat book 2

agnishatdal book 2

Book 3:
The ponchishe Boisakh issues of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat:
Book 3 Agnishatdal:
Book 3 Agnijaat:

Book 4:
The Sharadiya Issues of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat:
Book 4 Agnishatdal:
Book 4 Agnijaat:

ANNUAL DIGESTS (17.7.2017):

Agnijaat Annual Digest 2017: Sfulingo 1

Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017: Agnidal 1

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Black mist and other stories

Tell me a story

The child of woods

spirits of darkness and light

The bridge of her dreams

The prisoner of sand castle

crystal eye

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Agnijaat 15.1.18

The Magh Issue of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat were out on 15th January, you can buy them by becoming my patrons in patreon. If you want to buy the fresh issue try on/after 25th of every month.

The 5th Quarterlies of the Ezines will be in payhip on Saraswatipuja, 22nd January. This quarterly onwards I will try to sell them through payhip, so that I can get maximum liberty about the looks of the books!

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Wednesday Table of Urania 17.1.18 P.T. Usha

P.T. Usha was born in Payyoli village of Kerala on 27th June 1964.

Sshe was first noticed by Q.M. Nambiar in 1976 at a sports prize distribution ceremony, he started training her that very year in 1978 she won six medals for inter-state juniors meet, four gold, one silver and one bronze. In the same year she won 14 medals in Kerala State college meat, and that continued in multiple records in national games of 1980, multiple medals in 1979 and 1980 national games.

Her first experience in 1980 olympic ended in meats, she could not qualify for finals. After that she wrote a story of success that no other Indian sportswoman has written, she won two silvers in 1982 Asian games, one gold one silver in 1983, five gold one bronze in 1985, 4 gold and one silver in 1986 (Asian games), three gold two silver in 1987, 4 gold 2 silver in 1989, 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze in 1998- these were her international medal details, not national. For sixteen years she won medals in international games that I think is an amazing achievement for an athlete!

She married V. Srinivasan in 1991, they have a son together, Ujjwal.

Now, we all have hero(ines) in our school years, right? She was mine and one of my school friends Ishita Chakraborty, we two were absolutely nuts about her. She was supposed to come to Burdwan once, in 1986-87, we the girls of Harisava Hindu Girl High School stood under blazing sun for hours to see her and Emil and Dana zatopek, the golden couple managed to wave at us but P.T. Usha cancelled her visit, don’t remember why. I still remember the eagerness, the anticipation and the heartbreak. We were kids then but now after reading an article on Zatopek I can say he was as great a hero as P.T. Usha, they both conquered adversities at their extreme to shine!

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Few talks about some favorite stars, irrespective of their field of music, art.
They are collected from various sites or are just my view of them. You will know
the difference when you read the post, most are from wikipedia.

These are from the fun section of the Ezines.

I dont know, being me I may have missed mentioning it, do remember one thing,
as you read these works, some of these are my personal views and whatever data,
you see in these are collected from various sites of internet, mostly
wikipedia, and quite often from the sites of the artists

You know I dont know everything right? I am just a student who is sharing her
notes with you!


Editorial Sundays by Troy David Loy 14.1.18

Troy David Loy is an eternal student, a writer, and blogger owned by two cats, Ricky and Eccles. He is co-author with Miss Sharmishtha Basu of two published books, and solo author of three books on Amazon for Kindle, with a fourth book on the way.

He lives with his family and values his friends, family, and the flourishing and the well-being of his species in dangerous times.

He seeks one overarching goal: to help make the world a better place in his own tiny, drop-in the- ocean way, one piece of fractal artwork, essay, or story at a time. He battles the Forces of Darkness™ from his secret volcano lair in Virginia as Troythulu while his eldritch tentacled servitors from beyond time and space keep the lab in good condition.

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