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Thursday Articles 29.12.16

Listening to elders, seniors is a lesson we have been taught from childhood, up to an age it is what we should do. That is what everyone says, wise or shrewd and they are right about that. When we are kids we really don’t have much idea about anything, and we often think that we know a lot, whereas we don’t, we just think that we do. So at that age it is good to blindly obey elders unless of course they are asking you to jump from a cliff. Then you should first ask why!

At that age, even if we meet an elder who is trying to manipulate us to do something wrong if it is not downright immoral s/he won’t be able to do much harm, we will be able to get over his/her damages in the later years. Not only that, children usually do not meet many potentially harmful adults either if they are brought up in a normal family. A kid’s life mostly includes his parents, family, teachers and family friends maybe… if the parents are cautious then big harms won’t come from them. If their parents are not cautious well, sooner or later they will end up in bigger troubles, the kids I mean. This continues till you leave school. In the later years of school you will be able to identify those adults who are trying to manipulate you or misguide you.

That is the time you should start assessing the effects of the acts before following their guidelines blindly, after mid-teens it is wise to be a little judgmental when it comes to long-term things like your career or other serious issues. Because by that time you will discover that not all human beings are benevolent, irrespective of their age or their relation to you. If you blindly follow them you are doomed. So be a bit judgmental when you are growing up.

When you are in your youth, you have already joined the grown up gang, so, listen to elders, and by this time you will be able to differentiate between good and bad, the bitter pill and sweet poison, if not will learn after swallowing a few!

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