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Agnishatdal Poush 1427, December 2020 critique by SB

Agnishatdal Agrahayan 1427 November 2020
( )
Critique by SB

Agnishatdal Poush 1427, December 2020

By your good old editor! Few words about the works of my much cherished authors. So the critiques will be honest, short and sweet!

Sheeter rod by Labanya: What a beauty. The winter sun is delicious!

Of drum-rolls and Indians by saptarchi: Harsh, sincere truths by Saptarchi. It is sad how the loudest drums subdue truth in every country!

Fogline by Brieuc Martin Onraet 8: Loved the way human body parts were described by the angel.

A secret revealed by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: Beautiful and heartwarming piece.

Gods of Terra by Troy David Loy: Sneak peek behind the curtains of Gods of Terra.

Heaven takes a trip… by Dom Collucci: priceless poem, just loved it.

Bitter Pill dose 38 by Bitter Pill: Secular India 5: There is no denial of the truth that the politicians have turned Hindus into the thugs they are now. We don’t want fanatics of any type!

Energy by Brendan: Heartwarming and beautifully written. One heart looking for another.

The Tilbaroo station by Pat Ritters 5: I am really enjoying these pieces from the lives of the newly-weds! Great pieces Pat.

I believe that will be it for my critique as an editor, you will have to read the rest in Ezine. Of course there is truckloads of more works there!


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