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Wednesday Table of Urania 6.6.18 Jackie Chan

I have liked Jackie Chan from the very beginning. I had a brief stint with karate, back in 1992 I think, don’t remember the year anymore, it was only one year stint. Our teacher asked us to watch martial art movies, they are still not very palatable to my palate, majority of them are violence based, barring few- and Jackie Chan was one of those artists who displayed his art without blood and gore. I quite instantly became a great admirer of his superhuman skills.

With time that respect only increased. First when I discovered that he does those stunts without any stuntman to replace him during dangerous scenes and faces the whistle again and again!

Then when I very recently watched a serial in which he was having a conversation with awesome “Simi Garewal”, boy, the childhood he lived! It was hell on earth! If you can watch it, it is available in youtube “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal” then add Jackie Chan. Some things can’t be explained in words.

The interview also captured his innocent and humble heart! It is worth a watch if you admire Jackie Chan.

Do you love this amazing artist?



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