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Agnishatdal Book 12 25she Boisakh 2020 Citizen Null Critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Book 12 25she Boisakh 2020
Citizen Null
( )
Critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Book 12, Ponchishe Boisakh 2020, citizen Null

Agnishatdal book 12 shares works of Citizen Null.

Both feet grounded: I am not much aware of the political condition of USA, heck I don’t know much about Indian politics, but it seems misguiding people is the latest trick of politicians.

Returning to enlightenment value? : This one is a scary piece, a story how people are being turned against each other AGAIN and AGAIN by politicians.

The challenge now and ahead: no wonder #45 and Feku are buddies, their way are eerily similar.

Should we punch Nazis?: The Nazis should be punched but not physically by exposing their intentions and the effect of their actions on society!

When weaponized church conquers Government: It becomes modern day India!

Cynicism just another bias: Cynicism is limited. It is narrowed point of view mostly.

Horror and hope when the world is on fire: The way it seems the politicians all over the world are desperate to turn people against each other and ultimately destroy this world!

I see you: It seems #45 and Feku and co. had similar modus operandi, destroy the countries that blundered by electing them and get filthy rich too!

Let the senate confirm him: The patterns of USA and India are spookily similar. The government is slowly swallowing the courts via judges. We had faith on Supreme Court before Feku and Co. grabbed the throne, but not anymore!

The future looks bright from here: Not knowing the issue being talked about I will simply say that if children are wiser than adults that means there is hope for the future.

The game gets serious: Well at least #45 is getting exposes, Feku and his bought media is ensuring that he never gets exposed!

Very serious pieces but gave some solid insight about USA’s present political, social condition and that is so like India!


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